After 30 years of intractable pain, no treatment remains untried. Opioids work best and that’s no lie. Forced to give them up, I now think of suicide. #OpioidAwareness #Painkills2

Clinton Foundation ‏@ClintonFdn, Sep 24
“No child should ever die because of an overdose in our country.” @ChelseaClinton discusses our programs on @TheView. #OpioidAwareness

No one should ever want to die because doctors refuse to treat their pain. #OpioidAwareness #CDCuSuck #NoMoreDrugWar #Painkills2

Cory Booker ‏@CoryBooker, Sep 24
Don’t turn your back on members of your community struggling with opioid addiction this #OpioidAwareness Week.

Don’t turn your back on members of your community suffering from chronic pain this #OpioidAwareness Week. #CDCuSuck #Painkills2




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8 thoughts on “What’s your #OpioidAwareness story?

      • I did some reading and watching a documentary on it many moons ago… believe me I have times where I feel like doing this….But then I just try to push on and talk to God ..well I talk to him alot lol but I get so scared of the pain and sicknesses that I feel that I am not going to make it much longer…
        and that i do not want to go on…I do not know how others handle heart goes out to all that suffer ….I just do not understand why??? But I guess some day we might find out ..or maybe never….and these fucking drs and government getting in the way of our OUR treatment is pure BULLSHITTERS if you ask me..
        again thank you for the well wishes I appreciate it very does go a long ways ☻♥

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  1. The idiots over prescribe and end up giving the drugs to people who don’t need them….then when the addicts they make start dying the idiots over-react by under-prescribing. This will have the predictable consequence of creating an underground market place for illegal opiates because people in pain WILL find a way to get what they need. It’s so frustrating.

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  2. I’ve had a short dose of physical pain. But mine is treatable and only lasts 2 weeks at a time. And my country prescribes opioides!!! My greatest respect to all the chronic pain sufferers. And I find your permanent choice of treatment perfectly understandable ❤

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  3. I have several wonderful friends with fibro and the looks of pain in their faces breaks my heart. Two have admitted that their thoughts of suicide have gone beyond simple ideation.

    The memes you posted are disturbing and spot on.

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  4. Thanks for the support, everyone. It’s important for those who don’t suffer from chronic pain to understand what we’re going through. Hopefully, bearing my soul on the internet is not only therapeutic, but also educational. Understanding each other is a part of everyone’s struggle. 🙂

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