When will I become homeless?

A year and a half ago, I wrote to Social Security and CMS:


About three months later, I received a postcard saying my letter was being referred to another office (in New Mexico):


Yesterday in the mail, I received a letter from the Social Security Administration in Kansas City, Missouri:

“We sent you a letter telling you that we were going to review your disability case. However, we do not need to review your case at this time. Therefore, we will not contact your doctor now. We will keep any information that you have given us. We will contact you later if we need to review your case…”

Uh, no, you didn’t send me a letter saying you were going to review my case. I sent you a letter and I never received a response to any of the issues discussed therein. Nothing. Nada.

I always feel anxious when I receive anything from Social Security, just like when I received letters from Unum, my ex-long term disability insurance provider. Since Unum terminated my benefits, I keep waiting for Social Security to do the same. See, disability providers believe that if you’re not taking medications (and seeing a doctor regularly), you’re not disabled:


The DEA and CDC have taken away the most successful treatment for chronic pain. Doctors will no longer treat many pain patients. Medical cannabis programs, where they exist, are too expensive for many of the disabled. So, who has the money and access to see a doctor regularly? Is that a requirement to be disabled? And if you aren’t seeing a doctor, you get kicked to the curb?

No wonder so many people believe in conspiracy theories. Use the drug war to kick people off of disability. Genius.

Checking my mail is a stressful activity. When will I get that letter cutting off my disability benefits? When will I become homeless?

9 thoughts on “When will I become homeless?

  1. I am so sorry gurly gurl..
    I hate getting the mail for the same reasons as you…and you know my case with the dr bitch I mean westergaard.. seems like they are trying to take me off everything or more forms to fill out then always need more information like the one I still have not and will not fill out it causes me to much stress to try and fill it out they want to know every cent that I spend my check on and how much to the cent goes for this and that …ugg just to think about it throws me into a panic attack so I have to change the subject lol…
    I just do not understand this shitt..it is always a worry are they going to take me off my disability if when and how will I make it???
    So I can relate so much to this even tho you have it much worse my dear..
    Well I guess we or you should get working on the magic and the magic cloud and I will get working in the garden…lol..so we can be rich together and not have to fucking worry everytime we go to the mail box..lol..
    I wish that I could do something for ya gurl…even tho the guys did amazing and played on stage many times with judas priest and a handful of other great famous bands they did make some contacts ; ) heck the band members wanted them to stay out in California longer lol..maybe something good will come out of this ?? I can hope and dream…then I be able to help ya out..

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  2. I hate you’re going through this. My Medi-Cal and County funding are being cut off because I didn’t return this years reassessment. The thing is that I did. It’s sitting on my caseworkers desk who admitted it’s there because she is over-loaded. But guess who’s having to go through the trouble to get all this nonsense straightened out? Yep, she won’t do it. Our system is so badly broken. It’s a nightmare.

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  3. SSDI is a horror show. In spite of having a neurologist, a rheumatologist, a anesthesiologist pain specialist, and my primary care all telling S.S. I could never work again, it took 7 years and a lawyer to get my disability payments. All this for less than my medications cost per month.

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