Do you know a bully?

“One of the worst things he said was about a woman in a beauty contest,” Clinton said. “He loves beauty contests, supporting them and hanging around them. And he called this woman ‘Miss Piggy’ — then he called her ‘Miss Housekeeping,’ because she was Latina. Alicia Machado, Donald — she has a name.”

Machado was the 1995 winner of the Miss Venezuela pageant. She went on to be crowned Miss Universe the next year, when she was 19. That’s when, according to Machado, she began to be bullied by Trump, who was then the owner of Miss Universe Inc., the company behind the pageant.

In an interview with Inside Edition in May, Machado said Trump bullied her “all the time,” mocking her weight and calling her “Miss Piggy.” According to Inside Edition, Trump wasn’t shy about confirming Machado’s story at the time, giving interviews about how he was taking her to the gym to encourage her to lose weight.

Speaking to the New York Times in May, Machado said Trump’s treatment of her left her with lasting harm.

“After that episode, I was sick, anorexia and bulimia for five years,” she said, speaking about Trump’s public admonishment of her weight. “Over the past 20 years, I’ve gone to a lot of psychologists to combat this.”

As Clinton said Monday night, Machado has become a U.S. citizen — just in time to vote in November’s election.

Do you know a bully? They’re very hard to deal with, even if you try to understand them. Best thing to do is walk away from a bully. Of course, if Trump becomes president, we won’t be able to do that.

12 thoughts on “Do you know a bully?

    • I think most Americans understand the amount of power that position holds. All they have to do is remember this commercial (“These are the stakes… We must either love each other or we must die.”):

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      • I don´t,, but if they bully, wich for me the term bully is bull-shit, for me it is called life, life is rough specially the one I had and still have and I will not make excuses it where my choses, so bully for you it can be someone calling you nasty names all day, for me that is nothing, for you buling it could be someone hitting you, for me that is nothing, for you bullying it could be….I have no idea, so depending on how a person is and the life that he or she has lived unless they don´t feel a constant sorroy for yourself or see your self as a victim, then bullying is relative for me. You have no idea what I have gone through and still do, yet again it all depends on the person. And through the years I have come quite a bunch of understanding about other peoples feelings about pretty much everything.
        So what exactly do you call bully? What is it that is “bullying you”?
        For me? Being in the army, homeless, jail, and i can name quite a more few, no family contact,, e.t.c. so i figured that if you do not fight for yourself they will stomp you.
        Now, your question was, who do I bully?
        Answer is nobody. I like to treat people as I want to them to treat myself (wich as life has shown me it doesn´t happen, so who do I bully? I bully the bully´s, I can´t stand people putting me down, nor I can see other people being put down, and then here Little Charly, will get in action. And once I they push me to that point I wouldn´t call it bullying, is quite more harsher than a mental insult.
        So no, I do not bully, but trust me when I say that when I see people being bullied or myself they do not end up good the bully. That was a lot,so answer now, but nooooooooow!!!! 😉
        what is for you the definition of being bullied and what do you have in your life that you think that is bullying you?

        I could help by the way believe it or not, and if may I ask, how old are you?

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        • In pain years, I’m at least 90. So, I guess the constant pain bullies me everyday. (And sometimes it wins.) I think Trump is a bully, and the women around him put up with it because they don’t have a choice, are being paid well for their services, or just don’t care.

          I suppose life bullies everybody, in one way or another. I haven’t been bullied as a white person, but many times because I’m a woman. The medical industry is full of bullies who call themselves doctors. My ex-landlord bullied me out of my home of 3 years. And I suppose poverty has bullied quite a few Americans, along with mental illness and substandard health care.

          Perhaps it’s America that’s bullying us. 🙂


  1. A bully can also bully him or herself. I posted about it not long ago. When I was in Junior and senior high school there were two kids who I bullied mercilessly. I have no idea why except maybe because I was so sad and lonely that I was trying to get attention.

    For nearly forty years I’ve bullied myself over it. I guess I’d call it bully’s remorse.

    Trump is a bully and he terrifies me. I kid you not, my husband and I are scouting places we could live should he become president. We haven’t picked the spot yet, but we’re still looking.

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