14 thoughts on “Did You Forget To Breathe?

        • I’m gonna bottle my magic and sell it on Amazon. When I become rich and famous, I’ll buy you a house with a garden. You’ll work for me, growing awesome bud for both of us (and maybe some other lucky patients). Growers will come from all over the world to see how you do it. Then you’ll be rich and famous and we can be rich and famous together. The End. 🙂

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        • Now that sounds like a plan gurl….
          I love to garden and plant flowers all that stuff and a lil bud for medical too lol
          rich and famous till the end gurly gurl..sounds ok with me..You know how much money we all would save if we all lived together lol yes I am just talking but everyone could save and be happy and each one has a job to work on…our own town lololol
          Oh I would so buy it gurl…I like the things you make like cloud therapy and pix therapy …..

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