Colorado Department of Health, You Suck

The alliance claims that the “Department of Public Health’s Board of Medical Examiners (BME) has begun pulling the licenses of physicians who are recommending a patient try medical marijuana for severe medical conditions that require extended plant counts.”

Michele Ross, Ph.D. and cannabinoid medicine expert says, “They used no scientific evidence or research to support the decision to pull these physician’s licenses, nor have they offered guidance on what plant counts they believe are appropriate for each condition so physicians have guidance moving forward.”

In an announcement, the alliance noted that the Department of Health issued a statement last year restricting physicians from recommending cannabis to more than 30% of their patients or potentially face action against their license.

“How do you make a doctor choose which 3 out of 10 cancer patients deserve access to cannabis treatment?” questioned Dr. Ross. “What is the scientific basis for this decision?”

Similar to how the number of pain management doctors is decreasing, the amount of doctors willing to certify for medical marijuana are few and far between. Meaning, the ones who are willing to certify end up getting all the patients.

It’s like that in New Mexico. When I moved here, I had very little choice in doctors to certify me. The first one I  contacted refused to do so — over email. After I was approved, the doctor who refused to see me went to work part-time for the Department of Health in my state, certifying each and every patient application for medical cannabis.

Oregon is looking better and better everyday.

5 thoughts on “Colorado Department of Health, You Suck

  1. Oregon, is not the good state people think’s it is !! Oregon will help all people that do illegal and legal drug’s , but would not help me , a mentally disabled women from people harassing and bullying me .

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  2. So now my plan to visit you is off….great thanks alot lol..
    Well than Texas it is in your future lolol…I know gurl…
    Did I tell you that I just got a fucking letter from my pain specialist dropping me>>?????? for no reason at all and I was just in her office on the 8th as she again lower my dose…fucking bitch dr…
    Good news is my internal medical dr and he knows and up to date on lupus and all my shitt agreed to take over my care I just have to get my records sent over to him..Thank seen him the other day I had a feeling that the bitch was going to do this to me …So he has ordered a bunch of testing that should have been done just about every 6 weeks and he couldn’t believe that the dr has not been on top of my care ..his office is set up really good for testing of the heart and lungs and it is just well equipped in his office….but now I have a ton of testing he wants done I am going to try and get it done 2morrow …So I am thankful ..So that leave just my one dr in fucking Dallas and that is my dermatologist and I only have to see her once a year or when I have a flare and the cream don’t help the rash on my face or when I feel I need to touch base with her…
    So ohhh and he is close to home just in the next town over in Greenville..
    I still want to call the bitch dr and ask why ..she just kept lower my dose and I thought maybe she was going to try something different since we have done that in the past and each time I would leave her office and get my medication filled it would be lower each time and I would call the office and all they would say is that she is lower you medication lol I told them that the dr and I did not discuss this all they would say was sorry mention of lowering me and dropping my unhappy azz fucking
    Well see I came here again and vented ..than happy lol…can you tell I miss your happy azz lol

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    • If you feel comfortable with it, you should mention the doctor’s name. (She doesn’t have any power over you now.) Warn other pain patients away from her. You’ll also want to go through the copy of your file and see what her notes say. Correct any errors. Document the corrections with a copy to both the doctor and your actual medical file. (I don’t know how patients can correct their electronic health record.)

      Good luck with your tests. Kill a Texas roach just for me. Two, if you’re feeling saucy. It was 55 degrees this morning in the Q. Ha! 🙂

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      • Sure I feel comfortable with saying her name it’s dr westergaard …
        I have the paper form to fill out so that they can send a copy of the last 10 years or longer to my regular dr…but I don’t think they will send me a copy of it??? or will they??? prob make me pay for it and that is a lot of years lol…OH I would love to see what she has said and what is true and not true…..
        Thank you gurl the worst thing is fasting at midnight …
        our house doesn’t have cockroaches but I am sure that I could find a roach around here some where ; ) lol….
        Oh it was nice yesterday and today went down to 59 degrees here so it is so pretty outside and inside ..the ac is I hope off for the year…
        OH you know I always feel saucy baby lmao well not always but I try hehe…

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