4 thoughts on “Be The Feather, Don’t Be The Roach

  1. I’ve been told a story – when you happen upon a feather, its is a gift from a loved one that has passed and they are sending you a feather to remind you they love you. Whenever I see a feather (whether I’m in a chicken coop or not – I’m in denial of the logic) I like to think its a gift from my dogs and cats telling me they are still with me. Sounds crazy, ‘cos I am crazy 😛

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    • These feathers are a gift from the ducks that live nearby, but they pretty much have the run of the whole apartment complex. They like sunning and swimming by the pool for humans, even though they have their own pond. I’m told that most of them are male. 🙂

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  2. Today I read that a rainbow and a feather near you is a sign that your guardian angel is looking over you. I believe in angels. One or a couple have saved my life 😉 on various occasions.

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