Is your bud dealer ripping you off?

There are many ways to determine how much you’re spending when you buy medical cannabis.

First, you have the price per gram and by ounce. It’s usually cheaper to buy an ounce in the underground market, but the law in New Mexico doesn’t allow dispensaries to give a discount when you buy in quantity.

It takes about a gram (usually less) to make a joint (unless you want to smoke mostly paper). But to analyze cost, I use this one gram per joint measurement.

So, let’s say I recently paid $260 for an ounce. That’s $9.28/gram. Not too bad. However, when you take into account the amount of bud that’s left after cleaning (and before rolling), that price per gram isn’t accurate.

I’ve been using the same glass jars to store my bud for years, so I know what an ounce looks like, even though I don’t have a scale. (Yes, I need a scale, but I also need a haircut.) Let’s say this $260 ounce may have been a little short in weight, but I don’t know by how much.

It took me a week to smoke this ounce. I rolled 16.5 joints out of this alleged 28 ounces (which is about 2 joints per day). And that works out to $15.75 per joint/gram, which is really a $441 ounce.

And this is one way you can tell if you’ve been ripped off. Being a nice person, I’d like to think that the problem may be with the scale. Being a realist, I’m pretty sure I got ripped off.

If you can’t drive the speed limit, please get out of my way

I had to run a few errands this morning. (And I don’t medicate before I drive.)


My foot and my head felt every bump in the road.


So, when I got behind a driver going 30 mph in a 40 mph zone, I became very irritated.


Because I’m so lucky, I found myself behind more than one slow driver.


If you’re going to drive under the speed limit, you really need to get out of my way. Seriously. I might be a little more patient if you have one of these signs on your car:


Then I’ll get a sign for my car that says:  Danger. Driver in Pain Behind Slow Driver.





And put your damn cellphones away. End rant. 🙂