How did I hurt my foot? Funny, not too many people have asked me that, but I bet ya’ll are dying to know. πŸ™‚

Sometimes I take a walk behind my apartments, where there’s a cement culvert.


On the day of the crime, I noticed this vine. (Hey, that rhymes.)


I looked for a way down so I could get closer for some photos.


This ramp took me down into the culvert, butΒ as I went to take a step, my foot caught the uneven part, twisting to the side. And down I went. (Yes, it really hurts.)


All of this, just so I could get some photos of what will soon be a pumpkin patch. This is the one from my old apartments.


05DSC01488 (5)


07DSC08432 (2)

08DSC03377 (2)

I think it was the squirrels who snacked on the pumpkins.

08DSC07941 (2)

09DSC03369 (2)


DSC08648 (4)

But the best part of a pumpkin patch are the buds and flowers.

13DSC08442 (2)


12DSC07475 (2)

14DSC08463 (3)

15DSC09744 (3)

16DSC07952 (2)


18DSC07481 (2)

DSC04205 (2)

I hope my foot heals enough for me to take another walk in the culvert by the time my new pumpkin patch begins to bear fruit. (I mean, gourds.)

35 thoughts on “The Scene of the Crime

  1. Pretty flowers, pretty foot! I didn’t ask how you did it, because I figured we come from the same planet so you must have similar talents. It really does look broken (cellulitis, my ass). Possibly an occult fracture that wouldn’t show up on plain x-ray. You need das boot, then you can really do some damage…as long as you don’t kick yourself with it. That shit hurts. πŸ™‚

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    • The doctor covered her ass… She told me a fracture might not show up on the x-rays, but could show up weeks later. I’m like, what then? A cast or the boot for another couple of weeks. Seems to me I can just use my ace bandage. No reason for me to go back if I can’t get anything for the pain.

      Dude, you kicked yourself with the boot? Sorry, but that’s hilarious. πŸ™‚

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  2. OMG ouch that looks really really painful! My foot got like that one time because a glass jar fell out of the refrigerator and it fell on my foot. It’s weird because the glass didn’t break but it still hurt and got swollen like a mofo! Do you at least put ice on it? Ugh why are doctors so ridiculous? I give up on them!

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      • Did you scratch your foot on anything? Any portal of entry for bacteria? Have you tried warm soaks, maybe with a few drops of tea tree oil floating on the water, if you have any? I hate being far away and not being able to help my friends. Let’s see, I-40 to the corner of I-25…

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        • No, I don’t see any scratches on my foot (but I did get a few on my elbows). And my foot is turning a very ugly shade of green. I’m just wondering why the swelling hasn’t gone down, since the injury occurred last Wednesday (but I didn’t go to the dreaded doctor until Friday). It really does feel like something’s broken.

          It doesn’t seem like this kind of bruising is associated with CRPS. What do you think, Doc?


        • I think you should go back to the ER right away, if the swelling has not gone down.

          The green color might just be due to the red blood cells that cause the blue color in bruises breaking down into biliverdin, which is a green pigment that will now be absorbed and processed by your liver. Not being able to see and feel it, though, I can’t be sure. But if the swelling is still active, or if it’s painful to relatively light touch, I think you really need to be seen. Sorry this has happened to you…as If you need any more tsuris (hard times, in Yiddish) 😦

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  3. Ow! Ow! Ow! Owie!!! No wonder you think you broke it! I had a grade 2 sprain on mine a few years back and it looked kinda like that. Gotta agree with Kara, cellulitis my ass!
    Oh! And I’ll share my hubs funny ass-over-teakettle story too =) I guess they were all walking across the tarmac after getting off the plane (he was Navy aircrew) and *fortunately* he still had his flight helmet on because he hit a patch of ice, went feet up, just like in the cartoon, goofy noise falling down, and ended up flat on his back.

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  4. I am a HORRIBLE PERSON!!! I had no idea you took a tumble. I’m no doctor but that looks broken. And you only have ASPIRIN???!!! I’ve got oxycontin lying around here in volumes, legally prescribed by a doc (I don’t understand the US laws they’re not logical). The meds make me sick. I’m not using them. If I really was a blue bird I would fly to New Mexico and hand deliver them with a big side of cheesecake. I’m so sorry my friend ❀

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