The Scene of the Crime

How did I hurt my foot? Funny, not too many people have asked me that, but I bet ya’ll are dying to know. 🙂

Sometimes I take a walk behind my apartments, where there’s a cement culvert.


On the day of the crime, I noticed this vine. (Hey, that rhymes.)


I looked for a way down so I could get closer for some photos.


This ramp took me down into the culvert, but as I went to take a step, my foot caught the uneven part, twisting to the side. And down I went. (Yes, it really hurts.)


All of this, just so I could get some photos of what will soon be a pumpkin patch. This is the one from my old apartments.


05DSC01488 (5)


07DSC08432 (2)

08DSC03377 (2)

I think it was the squirrels who snacked on the pumpkins.

08DSC07941 (2)

09DSC03369 (2)


DSC08648 (4)

But the best part of a pumpkin patch are the buds and flowers.

13DSC08442 (2)


12DSC07475 (2)

14DSC08463 (3)

15DSC09744 (3)

16DSC07952 (2)


18DSC07481 (2)

DSC04205 (2)

I hope my foot heals enough for me to take another walk in the culvert by the time my new pumpkin patch begins to bear fruit. (I mean, gourds.)