The Supreme Court on Tuesday shunned a religious challenge to Washington state regulations requiring all licensed pharmacists to dispense emergency contraceptives when presented with a valid prescription…

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Nick Deal · Raleigh, North Carolina
Conservatives are funny. Selling contraception is participating in abortion. Selling cakes to gay couples is participating in same-sex marriage. But selling the gun used in a mass shooting isn’t participating in the shooting? Hypocrites.


Guns are expected to surpass car crashes for the number of American deaths caused in 2015. In 2013, there were 33,636 Americans killed by guns versus 33,782 fatal crashes…


While the Second Amendment protects citizens’ rights to bear arms, federal law requires firearm owners to be 21 and submit a background check when buying from a licensed dealer. None of that is required, however, when purchasing guns from private sellers, the Daily Beast noted. This makes a firearm easier to purchase than many things in the country including cigarettes, birth control and a number of foods. Indeed, some foods require proof of age, are highly regulated by the American government, are only found in small quantities or require a significant amount of time and effort to acquire…


This 2014 segment from Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel featured a 13-year-old boy trying to buy various age-restricted products including porn, alcohol, lottery tickets and cigarettes. The attempts to buy beer, cigarettes, porn and lottery tickets were all rebuffed immediately, with most of the vendors clearly amused that a child even tried to purchase the items. By contrast, the 13-year-old was able to purchase a .22 caliber rifle at a gun show and walk off, no problem…


Boscoe told ABC News last year that he came up with distinctive cause of death metric as a way to call attention to public health issues that might not receive the attention they warrant. The new Stateline map provides an example of how that can play out. While the epidemic of fatal opioid overdoses is a serious crisis that has generated bipartisan legislation in Congress, this distinctive cause of death analysis shows that it is an outlier in 33 percent fewer states than gun fatalities…


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