Mom Gets $16 Million After Nurses Pushed Her Baby Back In During Delivery

But the baby came a little earlier than expected, and at the time, Malatesta’s doctor was not on call. When her water broke, the nurses tried to get Malatesta to stop pushing, which is easier said than done. Malatesta then tried to labor in a more comfortable position on her hands and knees, which she’d discussed with her doctor. But she says the nurses forced her on to her back.

Then, instead of letting the child be delivered, one tried to keep the baby from being born until the doctor arrived by literally pushing it back inside her vagina. Malatesta estimated that this went on for six minutes until a doctor arrived, her son was born a minute later.

The result of this absurdity? Thankfully the baby was fine, but Malatesta now suffers from pudendal neuralgia, which is essentially nerve damage in the genital region. Malatesta likens the pain to sharp pins-and-needles or a burning sensation that never go away and which is “much worse than labor.” At first the pain was so severe that she had to move back in with her parents to receive full time care. She says that the pain has killed her sex life and she now has to spend large amounts of the day resting in bed or in baths…

Malatesta told Cosmopolitan that she’s doing a lot better today, but managing the pain still takes up most of her day… Malatesta hopes that talking about her experience will help other women to come forward when they experience birth trauma. She told AL:

“It’s meaningful to me that so many women have contacted me and told me that the verdict was their validation that they never got. That gives meaning to an injury that’s hard to come to terms with – a bigger meaning than myself.”

“When I finally started talking about how I was concerned about how my birth went, other women started talking to me,” she said. “Then last year, when the media began covering my story, it’s like the floodgates opened. Women from all over started contacting me about similar things that happened to them.”

“That was a real driver for me to keep pursuing this. I realized I couldn’t just let that go.”

11 thoughts on “Mom Gets $16 Million After Nurses Pushed Her Baby Back In During Delivery

  1. The fuck?! They’re lucky they didn’t kill the baby! Neuropathic crotch pain….oh, hell no. That poor woman. I’ve heard plenty of stories of women having PTSD after childbirth because of the way they’re treated during delivery.

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  2. Same thing happened to my grandmother during my mother’s birth. Only then, in 1924, nobody used gloves….so both my grandmother and my mother got raging staph infections. My grandmother had classic puerperal fever and ended up with all of her pelvic organs removed. My mother was too mean to die and survived the boils and fever, but was in isolation for months and never did recover from the lack of bonding. No 16 mil for them, though! My grandfather was a blue collar worker, so as soon as Nana was able to be up and around she was back to her housewifely duties….but the depression that set in left her permanently crippled. She endured literally countless ECT treatments, AT HOME, with my mother and her sister holding their mother down while the shock treatments convulsed her body. No wonder my family is fucked up!!!

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  3. Damn! This is horrible and gross! I had some mean nurses when I delivered my son but this is just cruel. My son was late coming out so I had to be induced. I’m glad she got the money, it should’ve been a lot more.

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  4. yikes! its bad enough when the baby comes out, much less back in! and the remaining damage-unbelievable.

    on my second child I had to had have forceps; the doctor thought he was threatening me and punishing me for not pushing harder (i had paralysis in my low back down one leg and couldn’t feel or push). I told him go for it, she was born a minute later after hours of ineffectual pushing. After that he refused to give me pain meds or anything else.

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    • The lousy sonovabitch. I have a problem with men delivering babies…or doing gynecology, for that matter. I just think it’s perverse for a man to want to “do things” women’s genitalia. And, in my medical career, I have seen things that make this case seem tame. Midwives rock!

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      • my first child was born at home with a midwife, and my second was planned to be the same. but due to the paralysis i had from herniated discs in my low back, i went to the hospital and got that pr*^k who thought he was threatening me with forceps.

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  5. Oh my gosh this is beyond fucked up. Hopefully her judgement amount will set some precedent, although I’m not convinced it will, having worked in medical malpractice firms. I’m glad she received compensation and that the baby was not injured, but for the poor mother…. her pain is forever.

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    • Lisa is right, she should’ve gotten more. After paying attorney fees and expenses, along with taxes, she won’t get very much money at all. Although I don’t know how you could calculate the right amount of compensation for being in constant pain for the rest of your life.

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  6. Perhaps the real question is why the nurse felt the need to push the baby back in just because the doctor hadn’t arrived yet. I would think that most nurses know how to deliver a baby, and the patient wasn’t a first-time mother. Is the doctor’s presence a requirement by the hospital or some insurance company?


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