“Even for a state accustomed to natural disasters, this flood is like nothing they’ve ever seen before,” Debbie says.

She spoke to Wayne Norwood, who, with his wife, Debbie, owns an antiques museum that was destroyed in the flooding. The couple, both retired police officers, also had four rental homes damaged in the disaster.

“We have fire insurance, but we don’t have flood insurance because we’re not in the flood zone,” Wayne Norwood tells Debbie. “And that’s what happened to thousands of people.” …

I’ve been through some pretty bad shit in my time, but I’ve never lost everything, like the thousands of people in the Louisiana floods. Donald Trump is visiting today, saying it will be rebuilt. Trump probably sees the destruction as an opportunity for money to be made, while insurance companies are getting ready to fleece hundreds of customers.

Hurricane Katrina and now this, Louisiana? In 2005, hundreds of thousands of Katrina refugees flooded into Texas and surrounding states, but many of them returned to Louisiana. Why?

Seriously, if you live in Louisiana, you should think about moving. I thought Florida would be the first state to fall into the sea, but maybe it’s gonna be Louisiana. California’s not too safe either, as one earthquake could make the whole state disappear. (If you’re a Lost fan, right now you’re thinking of that one scene when the whole island disappears into the water.)

Where should we live, you ask? Colorado, of course. We should all move to Colorado.

9 thoughts on “Thinking of you, Louisiana

  1. No, we shouldn’t all move to Colorado. Only those who will quietly and without digging things up (except for small gardens), chopping things down, etc, should move to Colorado. Anyone who wants to be near a Walmart needs to move to an already populous area.

    On the other hand, I find the cost of living in Colorado to be atrocious high. Even retail bud is expensive and not particularly good unless you know where to go. And going pretty much anywhere is often not easy, either because of terrain or if not that, traffic.

    Nevertheless I love Colorado, and I hope my favorite camping spots remain secret until I’m dead. After that, I won’t have much say, but I hope whoever finds them next will be quiet and peaceful.

    Louisiana just gets pounded left and right. Such a shame.

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    • Retail bud is high in Denver and the surrounding area, but there are small cities in Colorado that are more reasonable. And when Colorado bud travels to New Mexico, it’s cheaper and better than the bud at New Mexican dispensaries. My goal is Pueblo, just over the New Mexican border. I’ve heard good things about the dispensaries there, and the cost of living is lower than in Denver.

      Colorado or bust! 🙂

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