Goodbye, Olympics

Some people hope that the Olympics will foster good feelings among nations, and I guess it does that. (Along with fostering bad feelings.) But I just hope that it’s an incentive for people to get off their asses. Step away from their phones and computers. Take a long walk, and then when you’re finished, raise both arms in the air as if you just crossed a finish line in first place.

Women’s Gold Medalist Gets Real About Not Being Able To ‘Get Over’ Her Depression

Sakshi Malik, the female wrestler who got India’s first medal

She was born in India’s Haryana state, where women were for some time not allowed to take part in wrestling events. The 23-year-old started training young, having gained support from her parents to pursue the sport. Media reports say locals initially berated her parents, telling them that their daughter would become undesirable to potential suitors.

But she went on to earn a silver medal at the 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games and walked away with the bronze at the 2014 Incheon Asian Games…

Kevin Seccia @kevinseccia
After he won a couple of gold medals in swimming I was like “Whoa!” After twenty it’s like… “I don’t know, can you do any other stuff?”

One thought on “Goodbye, Olympics

  1. Thanks for mentioning sakshi malik here.. Yes again she made us proud.. I wish all the women athletes good luck who are making their country proud. Rio 2016 has given us many young talents who can be nurtured further to achieve more n more

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