Doobie Enters the Presidential Race


Fed up with her choices,Β Lisa enters her dog (Doobie, pictured above) in the presidential race via internet meme.


6 thoughts on “Doobie Enters the Presidential Race

  1. Yesssss! Finally a candidate I can get behind! Errr, not actually BEHIND….

    Anyway. There’s a dog that looks just like that in the campground I’m in right now. No shit, it looks just alike. Yup, I’m in for the dog. Thank goddess there’s someone to vote forπŸ€—πŸΆβ€

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    • I borrowed that saying from the internet, but I can claim ownership of the rest of it. I met Doobie yesterday at the duck pond. That’s not her real name, but her marketing team thought it would be better click bait. πŸ™‚

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