Acetaminophen, Sugar, and Kids

Prenatal exposure to acetaminophen was linked with a subsequent increased risk of behavioral problems in children, even after controlling for multiple confounders, a small cohort from a U.K. study found…

If a child eats cotton candy, a chocolate bar or any other kind of sugary treat, will a hyperactive frenzy follow? While some parents may swear that the answer is “yes,” research shows that it’s just not true…

3 thoughts on “Acetaminophen, Sugar, and Kids

  1. I’ve been told too that sugar doesn’t cause hyperactive kids. But I have three boys that it’s almost like a light switch for. I used to joke with one like watch what happens when I give him a sprite (bad parenting, I know). So we don’t use sugar in the house much at all. But crap…Tylenol! Ugh I used it A LOT while pregnant 😔

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    • I’m sure there are plenty of kids who have a sensitivity to sugar and all the chemicals that are added to sweets. And hyperactivity isn’t always caused by sugar and chemicals — sometimes, it’s just a part of our DNA. I don’t know what to think about the Tylenol, but I do think more research needs to be done. I just wish doctors were more careful with that drug.

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