Doctors suck

Then last month I was given a new Primary Care Physician (PCP) at the Palm Desert, VA who told me in a phone conversation that the VA, Loma Linda had sent all the PCP’s a “memo” giving them the right to refuse pain medication to any Veteran who uses Medical Marijuana, if they so choose. So she refused to give me the pain medication I need as long as I use Medical Marijuana and has refused to care for me, a 100%, SC Disabled Veteran…

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  1. I have encountered the same issue this week. My PCP is no longer allowed to order my vicodin, so I went to a pain management clinic and told I get no help because I use medical marijuana. Ok, so I kind of expected that. And I can live with it even. But then my psychiatrist told me they are no longer going to prescribe any anti anxiety meds (benzos like xanax and klonipin) because I use medical marijuana. But you know the most interesting thing is the doctors in the hospital knew that I used medical marijuana and they put me on klonipin anyway, and my previous psych (that I had up til now) continued to give me klonipin after I was discharged from the hospital and he knew I was using medical marijuana as well. So, apparently it is up to each doc to decide what controlled substances they will dispense, even if there is no such law or rule in place and they are just making up a reason to not prescribe it.

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    • Well, I hate to break it to you…as of a few weeks ago, the medical community was handed down a completely unfounded in experience to date ruling from one of the medical practice organizations, stipulating that certain comorbidities (meaning, psychiatric conditions) that “might” put someone at risk for ODing, and use of benzos, and 100% use of MJ even if prescribed, can be used as reasons to deny pain medication.

      Of course this is on a “case by case” basis, but uh oh, the State Medical Boards are watching very carefully. Mine is keeping track of every single milligram prescribed. If a prescriber goes over the mandated amount, wham! Their name gets published, their license gets limited, and they are under surveillance for a year and may even have to submit to urine testing themselves!

      Against all reason and precedent, the new guidelines mandate urine testing AT ALL APPOINTMENTS before any opioids can be prescribed, and if any “illegal” drugs are found (or even some legal ones, like MMJ) wham! No pain relief for you.

      The reason you’re seeing this new uniformity of policy is not that your doc just turned into a werewolf overnight. It’s that our autonomy has been completely hijacked by a small but powerful group of assholes who have an agenda that has not yet become clear. I’d bet it has something behind it, and it for sure does not have anything to do with caring for patients.

      If I were not totally disabled, I would quit medicine and teach high school science.

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