01DSC07832 (5)

02DSC07832 (3)

03DSC07823 (3)

04DSC07834 (2)

05DSC08448 (5)

06DSC08448 (3)

07DSC07929 (4)

08DSC07937 (2)

09DSC07931 (6)

10DSC07940 (2)



13DSC08034 (2)

14DSC08852 (2)

15DSC08853 (2)

16DSC07947 (2)

17DSC07933 (2)

DSC07934 (4)

DSC08441 (4)

Be kind to a bee today, even if it’s buzzing inΒ your ear and driving you crazy. And always remember to protect your balls. πŸ™‚


10 thoughts on “Balls and Bees

  1. Oh hell no! It really hurts when you get stung by one! Well I got stung by a wasp one time when I was a kid and it was no bueno. You’re brave for getting so close to a bee! Mmmm I love honey though! Lol yes…always protect your balls!

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