Toddler Working Out To ‘Rocky’ Is The Cutest Thing You’ll See All Day

I’d like to think that I’m above the temptations of click bait, especially on the Huffington Post. But I’m not. And good thing, because for once, the headline is actually true.

May the froth be with you

I rarely venture out after dark, so it’s almost like I’m in another world when I run an errand after the sun goes down. Loud music blaring out of car windows, rolled down to enjoy a comfortable 75 degrees. Muscle cars revving their engines and zooming past me. I was thinking that I should get my car washed so it would be easier to see out my windows.

I passed Dunkin’ Donuts, where the sign now reads: “May the froth be with you.” (This sign says, “Donuts solve everything,” which I happen to agree with.)


As I sat at a red light, surrounded by other cars, I wondered what a stranger would see when they look at me. Short hair, wearing a baseball cap, no make-up. Singing along to George Michael. (Yes, I can sing and wonder at the same time.) And then I wondered if some punk kids would target me because I look gay. But I didn’t feel any fear because I know I’m living in a liberal city in a fairly liberal state.

And to prove how right I was, I turned to see a Coexist bumper sticker. I’ve seen quite a few around these parts, which is encouraging. This one is from the parking lot at my apartments:

DSC03237 (2)

As I passed the bowling alley, I noticed the parking lot was crowded. As I drove through a residential neighborhood, I saw someone sitting in scooter-type wheelchair, eating ice cream and staring at the moon (which is exceptionally bright this evening).

Friday night fun in the Q, lol.

After I arrived home, I checked the pollen count (while sneezing), and found there’s a pollen alert for grass. As a bud lover, I find it mildly amusing that I’m probably allergic to grass pollen.

DSC08030 (3)

Since my camera doesn’t like the dark, I couldn’t get a good shot of the moon.


But when I viewed the photos, I noticed something odd.


Looks like an alien ship to me.

DSC08419 (2)

Oh no, there’s more than one!

DSC08414 (2)

And then, within seconds, they just… disappeared.


Maybe the aliens are waiting for Trump to become President. Then they’ll offer him a gazillion dollars to buy Earth. Trump will accept the deal, of course, all the while telling Americans it will bring jobs. And anyway, you can’t build a wall around the Earth.

Well, don’t think about aliens or Trump. Think about cats.

DSC08411 (2)

DSC08412 (2)

Have a good weekend. And don’t forget to enjoy some chocolate. I’m planning on making Lynn’s famous cream cheese brownies: