12 thoughts on “To lighten the mood

    • Caffeine is not a bad drug, but it can be bad for a small percentage of people. And I’ve always thought it was weird that I loved the smell of coffee but didn’t like the taste. I have a coffee-scented fragrance oil that is just… delicious. 🙂


      • My youngest daughter loves the smell of coffee but has never had a cup. I still love to smell it but….I gave it up. I love to smell the first few whiffs of a cigar but I wouldn’t smoke one and after a few minutes, it gives me a headache.
        Smells are funny, aren’t they?

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        • Smell and taste are so connected, it makes me wonder if I don’t like coffee for some psychological reason… Like the time my Nana served me a cup of hot tea, which I don’t like, but she made me sit at the table until I drank it. I tried. I really did. But I just couldn’t do it. 🙂


        • As a young girl, I loved the smell of cigarettes. My daddy always smelled like them and he was nice to me sometimes.
          I have always LOATHED the smell of alcohol. Maybe because of my former MIL…and of course, the Loser puppet.

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