Can you be arrested for something you might do?

You have to watch this video of a very large group of police officers forcing their way onto private property, just because they thought that some of the people attending a party at this person’s home might also be thinking of attending a protest. It’s a matter of being automatically guilty (of wanting to protest) and having to prove your innocence.

And the number of police officers used during this little show of force? Fucking amazing. And freaking scary. I can’t believe this is happening in America. These officers are obviously very busy trying to arrest potential protesters, rather than look for people who are actually committing crimes.

This looks like war to me.

Yesterday in Baton Rouge, police in riot gear stormed into a woman’s backyard and arrested Black Lives Matter protesters—even though she had invited them to be there. Officers claimed the arrests happened because the protesters were planning to go block the nearby interstate highway…

13 thoughts on “Can you be arrested for something you might do?

    • You can’t be a criminal BEFORE you commit a crime, so no, preemption is not a matter for the police. Maybe you’re thinking of terrorists who might be planning to set off a bomb or something equally destructive, but that’s not what we’re talking about here.

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  1. It’s pretty quiet here in Albuquerque, but this happened in one of the states where police murdered a black man. And I see all different races within the group of people at the party, just like you can see in the photos of protesters in the streets.

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  2. Why would anyone even think of blocking the highway? I’m sorry but that’s just dangerous and asking for trouble. I saw that it was happening in other cities too. I understand they’re very upset but have some common sense at the same time while protesting. This got way out of hand though. Wow. It was upsetting to watch.


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