White Boy Privilege

Introducing Royce Mann, an amazing 8th grader, and his poem, “White Boy Privilege.”


Excerpts from video:

It is embarrassing that we still live in a world in which we judge another person’s character by the size of their paycheck, the color of their skin, or the type of chromosomes they have…

We say that women can vote. Well, guess what, they can run a country, own a company, and throw a nasty curve ball as well, we just don’t give them the chance to…

I get that change can be scary, but equality shouldn’t be. Hey white boys, it’s time to act like a woman, to be strong and make a difference. It’s time to let go of that fear. It’s time to take that ladder and turn it into a bridge.

4 thoughts on “White Boy Privilege

  1. This is “white boy privilege”


    These white boys had the privilege of slowly dying of black lung disease by the time they were in their twenties.

    # BlackLungMatters

    This is the problem with the whole “privilege” scam. There is something obscene and undeniably racist about imagining you can tell everything about a person and their struggles in life just be the color of their skin. Because you have white skin you are assumed to have all the privileges and benefits of Donald Trump and the rest of the 1 percent. With just one word you can negate and deny the suffering of white people who are homeless, disabled or who have to work multiple jobs so their families can scrape by, or who are abused and robbed by the police. No matter how bad you have it, someone out there has it worse and therefore you are privileged.

    The racist “privilege” propaganda is a remarkably clever trick as it makes it seem that the majority of desperate, struggling white people are in fact getting something special they don’t deserve. It used to be that the poor were seen as deprived and disadvantaged and “privilege” was a word reserved for the rich. But now if you can walk you are ableist-privileged and if you can see you are sight-privileged and if you have a nice rack you are boob-privilege (seriously, do a google). If blacks suffer more bigotry than you do then their loss automatically qualifies as a gain for you, even if you are suffering yourself. Everything you have that someone else doesn’t have can now be seen as a sign of wealth and special favor that needs to be taken away from you to balance the scales. Let’s not bring blacks up to the level of whites, but take away all those alleged “privileges” we enjoy and bring us down to the level of suffering balcks have to deal with. Better yet, let’s get israelis to train our cops so we can all find out what it’s like to be a Palestinian. What a fucking joke.

    Since blacks are presumably more subject to bigotry than Micks, Dagos, Wops, Krauts and other assorted white trash, redneck. cis-gendered white male scumbags, this magically transforms into a presumption of special advantage that always exists in theory but rarely seems to materialize in reality. As many “white” people quickly discover, there is no magical Pez dispenser out there that gives candy exclusively to the white kids.

    But yeah, pretending it’s a zero-sum game where whites can only get ahead by fucking blacks ignores the fact that most people are getting screwed over and only by uniting together are we ever going to change that. If there is one, beautiful thing to come out of the Occupy movement it is the concept of the “99 Percent.” Regardless of our differences in terms of identity or experience, we have a common interest in sticking together and seeing ourselves as one. It is no accident that the first weapon deployed against that movement was not cops with pepper spray, but divisive identity politics hucksters.

    This is a nice takedown of the whole privilege canard:


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    • No, we can’t judge a person’s experiences just by the color of their skin. That’s the problem with discrimination and generalizations. I’m sure there are just as many white people who are afraid of the police as there are people of color.

      What I don’t understand is why you think this is all an attack against you. Against white men. I don’t see it that way. Of course I think all lives matter. But as a white person, I have no problem seeing racism. It’s readily apparent. It’s ugly. And it disgusts me.


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