11 thoughts on “Holding Hands

      • Oh I am hanging …I had an upper GI yesterday late after noon…had to be at 2:00 and didn’t get out till 5 I believe ..long day and still really tired …went with out medications from 4ish the day before till I got in the truck on the way home so it was almost 24 hours so I was a hurting bitch lol…….at least it was closer I had to change Drs but it was in Rockwall in stead of Dallas so that was nice…and maybe found a better dr than the one I had to see yesterday…
        Awww gurl you are tooo sweet…The other day I should have taken you up on this offer..I will probably in the next few days tho lol…a rant is due to a bitch a half sister of my better half…grrr lucky I am still really tired from yesterday or I would go off now lol..why can’t people due what is right and what the agreement is??? I am about to hurt this bitch!!!!
        Keep this offer open please …I will need it in a day or two..I am sure of it…
        Oh I loved the pictures of the dogs in the water but I was leaving so I couldn’t comment..that looks like some of our dogs outside they love the swimming pools we have for them.. : )
        How you doing sunshine gurl??
        what is new and going on with you..I know I haven’t been that talkative on here just wasn’t feeling that hott..but working my way back…lol…
        If you ever need to vent on my page you are more than welcome as well gurly gurl… : )
        so tell me about your day…

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