“I can find no scientific evidence to support this statement.”

I’m tired of refuting all the lies published by the New York Times. And I have to say that the once-revered profession of journalism has certainly fallen on very hard times.


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John, Burlington, VT, June 8, 2016
“Older adults don’t metabolize drugs as well as a 30- or 50-year old, so the medication stays in a person’s system longer,” Dr. Reid said.

I can find no scientific evidence to support this statement.

David X, new haven, ct, June 6, 2016
As an older person who was totally healthy until a cardiologist pushed a statin drug on me, this article is doubly infuriating. At age 69, I carried 30 opioid pills to Nepal, trekking in the mountains, just in case of injury. I returned with all 30 pills.

At age 70, after 7 months on low-dose statin, I was in constant pain and couldn’t walk around the block. Now I do need pain relief. Ironic? Maybe, but not uncommon.

1/4 of Americans over 40 are on statins. 1/4 of this number (about 8 million Americans) complain of muscle pain.

No one knows about causality, since there would be no profit from knowing, but the growth in statin use exactly parallels the growth in opioid use. No one seems to know or want to know if those on statins take more opioids than the general population.

There are lots of medications that American doctors need to prescribe less, statins at the top of the list. Statinvictims.com

catrunning, pasadena, ca, June 7, 2016
Wow – this is real sadism, intentional or not, on the part of the government and medical providers masquerading as “preventative medicine”. Do those bright minds who are denying elderly pain patients a modicum of relief really believe that they are stopping all those recreational drug users in their tracks? Are they refusing to acknowledge that the recreational people have already transitioned to heroin, which is actually considerably cheaper and much easier to acquire than pills anyway.

If I sound bitter, it is because I just lost a good friend to suicide due to untreated pain. She could no longer stand the agony from a rare auto immune, degenerative disease that has no cure nor remission. After she was cut off opiates by her pain clinic because they had no CDC or whatever agency published guidelines for prescribing them in connection with her very rare disease, her life was reduced to just enduring endless agony. I even offered to get her heroin to try, but she wouldn’t let me take the risk. In retrospect, I wished I had forced the issue.

3 thoughts on ““I can find no scientific evidence to support this statement.”

  1. A person’s liver and kidney function do decline with age, but unless the person actually has significant chronic liver or kidney disease, the decrease in clearance wouldn’t make an iota of difference. I think they’re primarily metabolized through the liver, which is why it’s okay for me to take them with stage 4 kidney disease. I think it may be more likely due to age related degradation of the CNS, so side effects like respiratory depression are more severe.

    Either the doctor is an idiot, which is possible, or he was just saying something that would make sense to a layperson, because we aren’t supposed to know any better.

    Statins! Grrrrr. I swear.

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    • I also have a problem with this: “Long-term use can cause kidney and cardiac damage.”

      Kidney damage is caused by the acetaminophen, not the opioids. And cardiac damage? That’s a new one to me.

      Does your kidney damage have an effect on the effectiveness of painkillers?

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      • My 24 hour limit for Tramadol is half of what it is for normal renal clearance. I haven’t noticed any increase in effectiveness or side effects. Less doesn’t seem to be more. For shame. 🎻 😭

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