Be careful out there

Unproven stem cell therapies have been scorned as “medicine’s Wild West.” Patients have died while undergoing treatment. Yet others have called them “miraculous.” Hundreds of NFL players have sought them out.

A study published today in the journal Cell Stem Cell finds that there are 570 clinics operated by 351 companies selling stem-cell procedures directly to consumers in the U.S., raising concerns that unapproved treatments could cost patients thousands of dollars and threaten their health…

“We found a subset of businesses that are marketing just an astonishing number of interventions—neurological diseases, spinal cord injuries, immunological diseases, orthopedic injuries and conditions, and cardiac problems,” Turner said…

One thought on “Be careful out there

  1. Meanwhile, FDA approved treatments/drugs threaten the health of thousands. 60-70% of Americans take prescription medication, and I wonder how many of those will get black box warnings after enough people die. I guess when the options are ‘drugs or death’, it’s an easy one, but so many things are prescribed without necessity. I’m thinking of statins and anti-hypertensives. I understand the idea of prevention, but suggesting that kids as young as 10 have their cholesterol tested is just stupid. Granted, it’s much easier to take a pill than it is to make dietary/lifestyle changes. “Hook ’em while they’re young” -Phillip Morris (I don’t know if he actually said that, but it sounds good)

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