When you’re in constant pain, a day can seem like a week. And a good week can seem like a day. In other words, time is relative. And Pink Week isn’t over yet.

01DSCF0572 (2)

02DSCF6296 (3)

03DSC05847 (6)

03DSC07497 (2)

04DSC07916 (2)

05DSC07915 (3)

06DSC07919 (2)

08DSC07920 (3)

09DSC07923 (2)

DSC07922 (2)


4 thoughts on “Pink Week ends when I say it ends

  1. Beautiful as ever my dear one..
    if only for a day we would be pain free I am sure we would take it huh gurl…
    I always love your pictures they make me happy so rich in colors …makes me miss the outdoors…I can look but ohhhh don’t go out lol…Oh yeah I was suppose to move my desk 5 feet from my window um that was a few years ago lol ..I love to look at the screen and also able to look outside to the front yard and see the pretty flowers and animals and you know shitt like that…lol

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