I’ve decided that people love frogs.

01DSC04710 (2)

02DSC04711 (5)

Oh, how cute, the frogs are in love.

03DSC05086 (2)

04DSC05087 (2)

05DSC05087 (3)

Maybe frogs have special powers?


Look, he’s waving at you.

07DSC04601 (3)





Looks like she’s got an attitude.


11DSC03642 (2)

And now she looks pensive. (No doubt wishing she had a Dilly Bar.)


13DSC03724 (2)

Find the frog.

14DSC05374 (2)

Perhaps someone should create a line of frog emojis. This one says, Surprise!

15DSC05375 (3)

You gotta love frogs because they eat bugs. And the internet says frogs have special powers.


It’s hard to catch a lizard on camera.

17DSC05294 (2)

When I’m walking, I can hear them scuttling around in the underbrush, but they move really, really fast. Like lightning.

DSC07880 (2)

In case you can’t tell, this is a roadrunner. (Like the cartoon.)




I’ve posted this photo before, but because I make the rules on my blog, I can post it as many times as I want. And does anyone else think this angel looks a little like Justin Bieber?


If frogs have special powers, than little people are probably magical.

22DSC05396 (4)

Aliens love New Mexico. (Must be the weather.) Maybe we can keep Trump busy with building a wall around the Earth, so no more aliens can land here. Sure, the aliens have a lot to offer, like a cure for cancer. (And they’re funny, too.) But they don’t speak our language and their skin is a different color. Sure, humans have poisoned the atmosphere, space, and other planets in the galaxy, starting wars and forcing aliens to travel to surviving planets. But that’s not our problem, we don’t want them here, so the aliens just need to keep on moving. Try Mars or Saturn, dudes.

23DSC05079 (2)

Did you know that balls have special powers, too? (Just like frogs and aliens.)

24DSC05020 (4)

I read that somewhere on the internet.

25DSC05021 (2)


27DSC05411 (2)

Everybody likes balls.



These dogs don’t have a ball. And they look too skinny.

28DSC05402 (3)

Feels like I’m back in the 1970s.


Someone’s got good taste (even if they’re tacky). (Don’t litter.)

32DSC07892 (2)

DSC05376 (3)

This is New Mexico, folks. Thanks for tagging along.

8 thoughts on “What do I see? Take a walk with me…

  1. Love these pictures and of course froggies I have a thing for frogs …friends used to call me froggie suzz…lol..
    Oh balls have power alright lol..
    always in need of the zig zags not me but you know lol..its just not nice to litter…
    hugggggggggggggs gurly gurl

    Liked by 1 person

      • Hey my sunshine gurly gurl …
        I have not been back to the pain dr that is Friday…so I will know what the head MRI has to say…I have to call and make an appointment to the rheumy Dr not sure if I told you that now she will not refill my methotrexate and lc until I see her so she is already not filling the other lupus medicatation now not filling the others and ra medication as well..fucking bitch..I need to make an appointment for my regular dr just to get some basic test done like mammogram well female things lol and how I am feeling touch base with him and maybe he can give me some referrals and the patients in his office I usually talk to and see if I can find some good ra drs around here or even Rockwall and pain Dr and lupus and and ….I looked in the phone book and nothing….and I don’t get out often so it will have to be either from a Dr or a patient in one of the offices..I am just a little scared to rock the boat then get stuck with out any dr to help me..then lose my disability …I so need to see my dermatologist my face is really flared up..now she is good no great DR …Oh and now my teeth are acting up had a really bad toothache for 2 days omg ..I put this oil on it but didn’t really help much they change the mixture up or something but so that is another place I need to get a hold of in Dallas at the collage of dental shitt…I should still be in the system they base it on your income so I should still be ok to get the help I need..I want them all out and dentures …..end of story..if I had the cash I would try maybe those implants but I do not think they would work with lupus so i think it would cause more problems since lupus is fighting the good in your body and those would a foreign body in my mouth not sure how well it would handle that ??? ……
        Oh I get my glasses on Friday too : ) My old ones I could not see out of them any longer so I got some from the dollar store so I could still due bills lol…So I did make it to my eye dr woohoo and dad got his eyes looked at as well but he has to have an operation for the cataracts that is in August so I was hoping that would at least make his fucking azz happy but oh no still bitching lol damn old man lmfao joking …he just goes from one thing so now he knows hes getting the operation now he said the sun hurts my eyes I said you just need a pair of sunglasses since they said with the operation he probably won’t need any glasses at all..so that was good news but now its the sun and now it is his breathing since when he had the triple bypass the dr told him he has lung disease the doc didn’t say what and dad was very pissed off since he stopped smoking in 83 so now since then its oh I can’t breath my lungs hurt even if he is inside or out ..and for the last 4 years his knee so the doc did test and its arthritis and nothing they can due for it and he don’t remember the test and I was there like I am at all his appointments and said yes they said it was that and nothing more they can due to fix or help it..oh and his shoulders and hand …shall I go on dear one ?? lol..I know he worked himself hard all his life I know…and I know he hurts ..my heart goes out to him but I need to get a lot of shit done on myself too and most can’t wait any longer since I have put it off over 7 years now gurl..because I put dad first and I had to at the time and still ..But if I don’t get some of these things looked at it won’t be good hell it might not be good now.. OK I am going on and on ohhhhh I could gurl..really …I don’t want it to sound like I don’t care for dad I LOVE him so much but he is wearing us down fast………………………………….and won’t listen to the docs or us..he will say yes I understand and I will be better and try harder with you all ..next breath it is like talking to air………
        Thank you gurl for asking and giving me good information you are just a bath full of information (i love it and so appreciate it)I will try my best to get everything done that I need
        How u been doing my gurl???
        Thank you for caring it means the world to me….

        Liked by 2 people

        • It sucks to be dependent on others. It sucks even more to be a burden, especially to those we love. You should see If your father is eligible for additional help, like a part-time caregiver.

          I’m okay, thanks for asking. I wish I could find some good bud, but maybe next month…

          Liked by 1 person

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