Please stop beating your kids

NEW ORLEANS (AP) — A Louisiana mother arrested for whipping her three boys after she found out they had burglarized a neighbor’s house has found herself in the national spotlight and is being held up as a model parent by high-ranking state officials.

Schaquana Spears, 30, was arrested Monday in Baton Rouge and charged with two counts of cruelty to juveniles — felony charges. She allegedly whipped her 13- and 12-year-old boys so badly she left marks on their bodies. Lacerations on the 13-year-old’s arms had bled, an East Baton Rouge Sheriff’s Office report said.

In interviews with the media, including one on nationally televised “CBS This Morning,” Spears has said she whipped her children to make sure they do not take to a life of crime. She said the children’s father was in prison and that she didn’t want them to end up there, too…

She whipped the boys June 17 after she found they had stolen a hoverboard and other items from a neighbor’s house, Brenden Craig, her lawyer, said in a telephone interview.

A sheriff’s report said she whipped them with either an electrical cord or a belt. She also whipped her 10-year-old boy, but not as much as the other two, according to the sheriff’s report…

Since her arrest, she’s received an outpouring of support.

On Wednesday, Louisiana State Treasurer John Kennedy, a Republican running for a U.S. Senate seat, said in a letter to the secretary of the Louisiana Department of Children and Family Services that Spears should not have been arrested for disciplining her children with corporal punishment.

When did abuse and violence become discipline?

“In biblical times, sparing the rod led to a spoiled child,” he wrote. “In modern times, sparing the rod leads to an imprisoned child.”

Actually, in modern times, the color of your skin and/or the lack of money in your pocket can lead to an imprisoned child.

On Friday, Louisiana Attorney General Jeff Landry echoed that sentiment and said in a statement that he was grateful his mother used a rod to teach right from wrong.

“To be a peaceful and moral society, it is imperative our children learn right from wrong,” Landry said. “I am grateful for my loving mother who did not spare the rod to teach this valuable lesson.” …

In a statement, Marketa Walters, the head of the Department of Children and Family Services, said discipline “crosses into abuse when it leaves a child cut, burned, bloody or bruised.” She added: “We’re referring to something more than a mere ‘spanking.'”

6 thoughts on “Please stop beating your kids

  1. Such a weak method of parenting deserves no credit at all. The mother has chosen to take the easy option and use violence when it was not needed. The correct thing to do would have been to return stolen items and let them apologize. Secondly get to the root cause to establish the full picture. Next sit down and explain the pitfalls of going down “that” road. Ask them to trust your judgement and then dish out the punishment explaining your reasons, never violence, grounded, extra chores etc. Violence to kids is not how its done, too easy and it begets more violence.

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  2. I agree with you. Raising your hand to your child is not a solution. My oldest would never respond to that. It’s not funny, but I always said I could have beat her til her head popped off, wouldn’t have affected anything for her. And my youngest is a soft touch, raising my hand to her would be hurtful.

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    • Perhaps because I am so intimate with pain, I try not to inflict it on others, either in words or actions. I remember when my son was young and having behavioral problems, his father’s advice was to spank him. One day, at the end of my rope, I tried it. And I cried more than he did, although his tears were fake. I could never hit anyone hard enough to hurt them — I just don’t have it in me. And I have to wonder about those who are capable of such physical abuse, especially against those they claim to love.

      Seems to me this is all based in religion. The belief that we own our kids, like husbands own their wives. More like property than people with rights of their own. If you wouldn’t let a stranger beat your kids, then what gives you the right to do so? DNA?

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  3. Really, she shouldn’t have been arrested? This was not corporal punishment….which I don’t agree with in any form at all…this was abuse! Simple abuse! This woman should be put in counseling and her children taken away until she learns a better way to discipline her children and understands what she did is wrong. (I’ve worked with foster kids and understand how important it is to get the child back with the parent if at all possible, but not to the detriment of the child). They have to be safe, and right now they aren’t. I’m sure she’s mad that they told that she caused these lacerations.
    This kind of punishment has to end.
    We as a society need to let everyone know we won’t put up with this.

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