Maybe pain patients should ask Donald Trump how he feels about the opioid war. He’s old and has no doubt taken painkillers before. (Maybe he’s even taking them now?) Does Trump believe that painkillers are only necessary for certain kinds of pain? Does Trump believe that the DEA and the medical industry get to decide which patients deserve treatment?







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Make America Safe Again — No More Drug War

6 thoughts on “Make America Safe Again

  1. Love these pictures gurl..
    dad and I are going thru a hard time with drs and medications even ones that are not a pain medication ….my one azz wipe dr will not give me my one lupus medication the last one I took the bottle said must see eye dr and see her as well…I have had an eye appoinment for months and the eye dr said that this dr could call and they could and would confirm it so that she could give me the medication but oh hell no she won’t and now she wrote on the bottle of another medication that she did fill that no more refill until I see her…I see the eye dr on the 22nd of this month that has been the plan for months and the soonest they could get me in so the waiting game..and the dr office won’t call since I told them the information..and now she wants to see me before this other medication is filled wtf…she is such a fucking bitch..I don’t want to see her again ..she will just say oh its lupus and or why waste a whole day to Dallas and me in the hot humid weather why so I can end up sicker and in one hell of a fucking flare..speaking of flare my face is already starting to flare the butterfly rash it’s on my left side and each day is getting worse I spoke to the pharmacy and he said being with out this medication that I could become pretty ill and end up in the hospital sicker and he doesn’t understand why she wouldn’t fill the rx either..he looked to see if I had some on file that I never picked up but nope no luck …
    The DEA and the other fucks need to stay out of my health care…and others health care as well….I have seen such a change in the medications even none addicting ones to anything that they can have a say in…I have noticed more paper work that I have to sign every month for the pain dr…that I won’t share I won’t this or that and if I say my medication has been stolen I have to make a formal report to the police…every month…she cut my patch down to the lowest mcg and took my off my back medication and that was not a narcotic so I still live in extream pain for the most part..I am not mad about the lowering of the medication per say but mainly she didn’t tell me..I found out when I went to the desk to make an appointment for next month and she gave me the medication to bring to the pharmacy next door then that is when I seen it as she asked the assistant to come back to the back room to speak as she came back to me I asked her so it’s lower and now off this and that..she just said yes..why in the hell couldn’t the dr tell me this informationa after all she is the dr and I am the patient I felt like she went behind my back…
    OK end rant
    But they need to stay out of our health care ….bottom line…

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    • You need to get another doctor… an adult who has the guts to communicate with you face-to-face. I suppose she didn’t discuss the changes in your medications with you since the decisions had already been made. What was there to discuss? It appears you didn’t have any other choice. And she refused to explain her actions, which is part of what you’re paying her for.

      Have you read about doctors complaining about Medicare’s new patient satisfaction scores? Since I haven’t seen a doctor in awhile, I don’t know how you go about rating your doctor, but you should look it up. If a doctor gets a lot of bad reviews, it can affect how much she gets paid. Your doctor will tell Medicare/Medicaid that you’re complaining about a decrease in your pain medication — which is still a legitimate complaint — but the real reasons are her inability to communicate, her condescending and apathetic manner, etc., all of which negatively affect your health care. And then try to find another doctor, if you can.

      Hugs, Suzy Q. 🙂

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      • Make that drsssss …I know I need to and find ones closer..I have been asking around but most are in dallas…and with money and health and cars we can’t keep making it to Dallas gurl…so I am trying to find ones down closer even if in Rockwall would be so much better…I looked in the yellow pages and didn’t find any that I need to see…We are getting so many road blocks it’s scary and sad…
        OH I agree 1000% with all that you said above gurl..we do have a new dr here in town that is said to be able to take care of everything lupus and pain and fibro and heart ok you get the picture lol..I was going to look into him…No I have not read about that rating your dr..I am not happy with really any of them..I need to see my primary dr and ask him if he knows anyone that is good and does the test they are suppt to due on me and listen and be honest with me…like you said this is why I see them and they get paid….
        dad needs to maybe change dr as well having problems with much on my plate gurl..we are trying to start on our home just got it level so that is done..old home from the 1800s picked out the outside paint I can’t remember how many 5 gallons we got for the main and then so many 5 gallons for the trim getting our home done for the last time so we can move back in and go from there..some of the stuff we can do when were living in it..and with all our health it makes it so much harder getting things done..I was just out in the heat with block on and my face is getting covered with the lupus butterfly rash..and the fact that we did a alot of running around to drs this week didn’t help either..I just can’t ….but I am trying my best gurl..I really appreciate your view and take on this all..I need that..: ) I need to take care of myself and the drs on my side and my team…again I am having so many other problems due to lupus that worry me that they just blow it the fuck off then I read or someone tells me that they are in the hospital due to some of those problems.. i am like wtf… and everything else going on ..oh life is fun huh gurl…
        Anyways I again thank you for talking to me about all this…I did see a thing on the yellow pages where you can rate your dr like waiting time things like that..but I don’t know if that is the same as what you were talking about….Also I can’t ruffle her feathers much at this point or I won’t have a pain dr…she wants me to see another one since she is more something else lol..just another way of getting rid of me..and I haven’t had a injections in 6 years…I may try that once I know the outcome of my MRI of my brain…and no gurl I am not letting them operate on my neck I don’t care if they are the top doc in Dallas at this time it scares me to much and what if it makes me have more pain after….and nothing they can due…I just hope on friday I hear something for the reasons of the headache besides a fucked up neck…lol..I got my eyes tested so that is out of the way so the one dr should refill my one medication but now she is not refilling my other 2 lupus medications until I have lady..first no medication due to eye exam and so it took a long time everyone here is booked up and I got that done and went to pick up my other 2 medications from pharmacy and they had on the label will not fill after this and must see dr for appt…I can not fuking win with this bitch…they are all working against me lol since they don’t want to mess with me complex case…SO FUCKING PISSSSSSSED THE FUCK OFFF GURL…

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        • Having to find a new doctor(s) really sucks. A referral from another patient is best, but you can also do searches on Google for your city and “chronic pain” (or Lupus) and see what comes up. Look for articles that include the names of doctors or other experts speaking out for patients.

          You can contact your state’s Department of Health and tell them you don’t like the way you’re being treated and need to switch doctors, can they give you some names? And maybe they can explain the review/reporting process for Medicare/Medicaid doctors, because I don’t know how it works. There’s also, where you can search for a doctor, then you can search in Google for that doctor’s name.

          So, it’s Friday, did you hear anything? Also, you may want to stop over at Lisa from El Paso’s blog, as she nominated you for an award. 🙂


  2. Trump doesn’t seem to have a favorable view of the medical industrial complex. But then, money talks and I doubt he wishes to pick a fight with money.

    “There will be times when lawyers are essential. Some people are scoundrels. footnote: I have come to hate doctors. I think that, generally, they are a bunch of money-grubbing dogs. I can tell you about countless instances when doctors have ruined people’s lives. As an example, a person I am very fond of had a foot injury that I believe should have healed naturally, but instead the doctor operated on it, fitting pins and plates into the foot. Now, after over a year of convalescence, this person is having a hard time walking. I think that suing a doctor like this would qualify as a worthwhile legal expense…This is just one of the many bad doctors I know of–there are too many others to name. I just can’t stand the bastards.”,-178,332

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