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05DSC07754 (3)

06DSC07754 (2)

07DSC07774 (3)

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09DSC07778 (6)

09DSC07783 (3)

10DSC07791 (4)

11DSC07774 (2)

13DSC07794 (3)

12DSC07786 (2)

DSC07780 (3)

Photos taken on Saturday, when I drove all the way to the grower’s market, but came away empty-handed. I figured it was too early for peaches and tomatoes, but I was at least hoping to catch the pizza dude. Unfortunately, he wasn’t there.


And now I can’t stop thinking about wet and juicy peaches.


5 thoughts on “Jill the Windmill

    • It’s next to the place where they hold the grower’s market in the city of Los Ranchos, sitting in between two large plots of land used for farming. It’s where I met Maxine:


      Why would you want to climb a windmill? If it’s for the view, have you heard of elevators? If it’s not for the view, what, is it some kinda kinky sex thing? Do tell. 🙂


      • No…I just loved to climb things when I was younger. I loved to climb on top of the house….up trees….anything. I once contemplated climbing a water tower. Back then….I was pretty religious. I think I thought the higher I was…the closer to God I got.
        Silly girl.

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  1. Love those pictures gurl…
    We well dad has I think 2 of the windmills in his yard not big ones lol..I love watching when it picks up the wind..so pretty…
    He also has a peach tree but it didn’t produce any this year …now last year we were eating peaches left and right and plums….Our friend has brought up some tomatoes were they so good on a BLT and just with salt the lil ones lol…I know this friend planted his garden early and he has the help of his brother and his wife but we are getting veggies and fruit here but we also had to damn much rain too so maybe that helped produce..

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