I tried out this recipe, with just a few changes:

Mini-Peach Cobbler Loaves

Like switching fresh peaches for frozen dark cherries.

DSC07353 (2)

And of course, adding icing. I poked holes in the top of the crumb cake, hoping the icing would trickle down into the cake, but the icing was too thick to penetrate the topping. But the cake was moist enough on it’s own, and I enjoyed scraping the topping off of one piece before eating the rest.

DSC07381 (2)

If you squint, you can see two gay angels dancing within the crumbs.

01DSC07350 (3)

Can you see them now?

DSC07350 (4)

Thanks for the recipe, Lisa. If you have time, check out her blog at the above link.

10 thoughts on “Two Gay Angels Dancing and a Dark Cherry Crumb Cake

  1. I miss Albuquerque, I lived there for almost 7 years. A good time to visit is during the balloon festival. Its so cool watching all of the different balloon’s. I looked forward to it every year when I was there.

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