Honey Bees do in fact sleep, though there is always significant activity in the hive 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Research done in 1988 shows that, occasionally, Honey Bees will take rest and become relaxed, their body temperature drops, and they become unresponsive. Their sleep is not exactly like human sleep, but it is considered a form of sleep.

All the bees at Brookfield Farm, in Maple Falls, Washington are tucked up in their clusters in their hives. Some are probably asleep, some awake. It depends on their age and their job. But none are getting a good 40 winks, unless a β€œwink” is a second. Bees sleep in small naps, but some sleep more regularly than others. What follows is what I have gleaned from my readings…

Are these New Mexican bees asleep or sleeping it off? You decide.

01DSC06420 (4)

02DSC06420 (5)


04DSC06484 (3)

05DSC06484 (5).0

06DSC06445 (2)

07DSC06522 (3)

08DSC06522 (2)

09DSC06507 (5)

10DSC06504 (6)

11DSC06504 (3)

12DSC06471 (5)

13DSC06471 (3)

15DSC06508 (6)

16DSC06508 (8)

17DSC06443 (3)

DSC06485 (2)

19DSC06492 (3)

20DSC06483 (2)

21DSC06506 (3)

18DSC06509 (3)

Sing me a lullaby
in a key I recognize
sweet sounds of paradise
attempts to hypnotize
help me anesthesize
Please, sing me a lullaby

17 thoughts on “I asked Google if bees suffer from insomnia

  1. hush little baby don’t say a word momma gonna buy you a mocking bird and if that mocking bird…….
    I think in some of those pictures it looks like it’s hiding or dead then alive lol…
    I love your poem gurl
    Hugggggggs and good to see you again….I sent a long message to you on the last one you sent me but I don’t think it went thru…NO worries I am not getting neck operation not even crossed my mind even tho at this time and all these last days I could scream in pain I have tried everything in cream and heating pads and ice pack you name it even tried to break my own neck by stretching and pulling and popping luck..anyways again happy to see you my dear sunshine gurl

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