Can’t help but smile back at this real-world emoji.

02DSC06396.0 (2)

Perhaps we’re really moving backwards in time, back to the 1960s?


I can park however I want because I own a truck.

04DSC06183 (2)

I’m going to assume that the owner of this Jeep is a man.


My unfriendly neighbor.

07DSC05880 (2)

I can leave trash on my front porch because I own a gun. (Slob.)


I met the young artist of this drawing and she toldΒ me it’s an alien. I was thinking, maybe, a bad hair day.


Just barely caught a hummingbird with my camera. They are tiny, like a big bug.

09DSC06545 (2)

Energy shake? Yuck. If you’re going to have a shake, do it right, with real ice cream.

10DSC06398.0 (2)

Blue agave sounds so refreshing, doesn’t it? Go home, bottle, you’re drunk. And according to some map I saw recently, there are a lot of New Mexicans who drink, probably because it’s cheap and legal.

11DSC06393 (2)

Ah, young love, inspiring, yet a little sad at the same time.

12DSC06557.0 (2)

My furry neighbors:



This dog loves to give people kisses, so I had a hard time getting her to sit still for a photo.


I didn’t get very close to this kitty before she ran away.


DSC07012 (3)

DSC07014 (3)

This cat is wondering when humans will become pets.

DSC07013 (2)

Selfie of the day.


Thanks for taking a walk with me. Now, go have some chocolate.

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