Prince’s pain exploited

My comment:

“Prince was unlikely to have been prescribed fentanyl, a very powerful synthetic opioid originally created for palliative care…”

As a long-term intractable pain patient, I was prescribed fentanyl, because pain doctors prefer to prescribe pain medications that last longer than 4-6 hours. But the nausea was so bad, I only tried the patches a couple of times. I didn’t get any pain relief from fentanyl, only nausea and dizziness.

It seems that Prince was using painkillers as a way to combat his shyness, social awkwardness, and stage fright. And then later, for his chronic pain. While I don’t agree with treating anxiety with painkillers, I’m guessing that anti-anxiety medications probably slowed Prince down — if he ever tried them — which would seriously interfere with his ability to perform.

After 25 years of treating my pain within the medical industry, I’ve given up on doctors, too. So, I understand Prince’s phobia about doctors, as I now avoid them at all costs. I also understand Prince’s need to manage his pain on his own, not relying on whether a doctor would disagree with Prince’s own choices to treat his pain. I think many pain patients try to hoard their medications as much as possible, knowing that at any time, they could be cut off. The treatment of pain has nothing to do with the individual in this country — doctors make decisions based on their own fear of the DEA and decisions by insurance companies.

What killed Prince? I think his inability to manage his pain killed him. He tried for so long to do this on his own, but his decisions were based on the amount of relief he obtained, not medical science. As many pain patients can tell you, Prince was addicted to pain relief, not the drugs. And I think he would be horrified at how his pain is being exploited by the opioid war.

Rest in peace and pain-free, Prince Rogers Nelson. And tell Robin Williams we miss him.

3 thoughts on “Prince’s pain exploited

  1. I just found some information on the autopsy of his…I didn’t know that they had it done already since I was gone all day yesterday and not so well the last 3 days or so…
    maybe by putting more than one patch on or eating it like that said?? or getting it off the streets with other things mixed in with it…..
    It is so upsetting to be in pain and take these pills like directed and still not out of pain sure I know that there is probably nothing that would take all my pain away or anyone for that matter but “in hopes” I take it and maybe it will lessen the pain where I could have a half way normal life where I could be more able to due things like I once used to…I have tried many of medications one that almost kept on making me pass out I told the dr no more of that shitt….the other I tried kept me up worse than insomnia lol..nope take me off that too..each time I had to make a special appointment to see the dr to switch off of them and there were more but not as many as most can get hands on..I don’t care for side effects so I am limited on what I can take and WILL take and insurance won’t pay for some like always…
    I love how you said it and I think that is the best description of the problem is” Prince was addicted to pain relieve, not the drug” ….That is all we or most want is relief from the pain not addicted to the drug per say but when the dr knows your whole case file and try this and try that and still in pain it is just tiresome and you get more than pissed off .. you can’t eat you can’t sleep you can’t enjoy the life you should…even with injuries or what ever may ale you…
    Sure we have dr everywhere that will give you anything you want but I do not want any part of that..and who is to say it will take the pain away sure maybe numb your feelings but I want to feel those not the pain lol….I have been with the same Dr for many, many years given her so much urine lol and procedures (she wants me to have some on my neck since the MRI came out so fucked up) She said later that I would have to have operations on my neck hahaha NOT!! ..and last month I was not able to have an MRI of my head was just not up to it at all..But she wants me to see my regular Dr to run test on me since she said every month I have been looking sicker and sicker I told her I am sick but I lay in bed in hopes this will pass or the next day will be better and it’s not…Or I push myself and get sicker..I see it as a win win lmao..NOT!!..But I will be getting better damn IT!!..

    Oh gurl I went off one medication for my back it was non narcotic and lowered my patch to a 20mcg every 72 hours ..So I am on the lowest dose of hydrocodone and the lowest I believe of the patch 20mcg…So YAY ME!!!
    I am still looking into different DR’s …That are new here..maybe all in one dr ?? IDK ..I just need to feel better and I know it’s part of what all I have but fuck!!!…give this chick a break..please!!!…
    Suzy Q

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    • I won’t deny that the prescription medications sometimes made me feel like a zombie. But now that I don’t have that relief, even if it was only like 25%, I think I might prefer being a zombie than this endless, unrelieved suffering. Let’s see, would I prefer to be tortured or be a zombie?

      Do you think the reduction in your meds is actually making you worse, Suzy Q?

      I remember you’re in Texas, but I can’t remember the city. I know it will be hard to find a pain doctor in Texas, if that’s what you’re looking for. And I’ve read so many stories of patients paying hundreds of dollars to see pain doctors who, come to find out, refuse to help them. Look for reviews by patients of any doctor you choose to see. Good luck, dude.

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      • Well the one lupus dr won’t give me the one medication for lupus due to the blindness shitt and I understand but told her I can’t get in till the 22nd over 2 months yes that has to do with it since without it I will have bad flares as my right side of my face is already red and going large butterfly rash…I don’t think that has to do anything with pain but not sure..more just trying to keep flares down and yeah I guess flares and pain so missing that pill twice a day could be making me sicker the pharmacy guy said I would have more flares and sicker I just remembered lol….I see a pain specialist now and she would refer me to another one that gives out higher dose with complicated case like mine but gurl I am tired of the trip to dallas once a month I am tired of maybe he will help me or not..maybe the medication will be to high and all I do is lay in bed well I DO THAT ALOT ANYWAYS WHEN SICK lol but only for short times then back up and back down you know lol .maybe the dose will be to high and I go to sleep and die…or a zombie I don’t want that I want to live and get things done and clean and productive around the house not just “being”
        Well these dr like the pain dr they are people that you got to know somebody that knows somebody to see them they just don’t see anyone they are the best in dallas even in magazines lololol…Oh I will do homework …I am hoping like I said this one dr will be great and know what the hell he is talking about…I will make an appointment first to just talk with him I just hope he is good and ontop of his game..or I will continue my quest lol……
        Oh yes when I first got hurt I seen many and many dr and all didn’t want to help me at all…so that is why I am scared to change things up…so scary….
        Thank you for the luck…I believe I am going to need it and then some….

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