Craig’s List is unsafe for women

Yes, I troll Craig’s List forΒ posts about cannabis, but they are few and far between. I would even call them very rare. What you will mostly find on Craig’s List is people (and prostitutes) seeking sex. Seriously, I’ve never seen so many dick pics in one place.

Lately, I’ve been posting ads on Craig’s List warning women about the men I’ve had contact with through that site. Although Craig’s List has no problem with all the disgusting ads posted on its website (including posts about rape and underage sex), it has begun to censor my warnings to other women. I think this is wrong and discriminatory, but it’s not like I can do anything about it.

There are dangerous men on Craig’s List, and I’ve heard from numerous women in response to my warnings who agree with me. If you’re seeking anything on Craig’s List, please be very, very careful, especially if you’re a woman.

If the drug war was over, I wouldn’t have to stoop to things like this. Thanks, DEA.

39 thoughts on “Craig’s List is unsafe for women

    • Living and learning doesn’t really save women from dangerous men. But the warnings of other women might. I wish men felt the same away about other men who are abusive, calling out such unacceptable behavior. How many abusive football stars are favored by fans? How many of our favorite actors are abusive (thinking of you, Johnny Depp)?

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      • aw these footballs players sports players get a slap on the hand and more money in the other…they are paid to high and get away with anything..I don’t watch sports due to all the wife beatings and animal killings and beatings…and yes adults look up to them and same as kids and think this is ok my hero beat his wife or killed and beat his dog oh I can’t wait to grow up just like him after all I will just get a slap on the hand like them…
        And now Johnny Depp…wonder how far this will go or how deep…

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  1. This is my latest email from one of the dangerous men on Craig’s List:

    “Punk bitch I will meet you anywhere, anytime RIGHT NOW PUNK!!! if you wanna die because I am sick of you faggot mother fuckers tryin to scam your way to a clean , non diseased dick It aint happening here. Go fuck yourself dicksucker!”

    I sent it to Craig’s List, asking if it bans posters for threatening to murder other posters.

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    • OMG that is scary and this should be reported like you did…but I am sure that they did nothing and that azzwipe will just make another account…be safe out there gurl…you know stress makes me sicker lol

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  2. So, ya’ll want me to pay to attend a concert, drive all the way there and back, and hang out in 100-degree weather, all in the hopes that someone will share a joint with me? Seriously, that doesn’t sound like something I would do. πŸ™‚



    NEW YORK DAILY NEWS Friday, June 7, 2013

    A Texas john who shot a Craigslist escort dead after she took $150 of his cash but refused to have sex has been cleared of murder. Ezekiel Gilbert, 30, was facing life in jail for the 2009 Christmas Eve killing of Lenora Frago, 23, outside his San Antonio apartment. Gilbert used a AK-47 assault rifle to spray his alleged victim’s car with bullets as she was driven away at 4:15 a.m. by her alleged pimp, Christopher Perkins.

    A Bexar County Texas court jury on Thursday took 11 hours to acquit Gilbert β€” saying his actions were justified because he was simply trying to retrieve stolen property. This is because state residents are permitted “to use deadly force to recover property during a nighttime theft.” …

    Gilbert hugged his attorneys and thanked God, his lawyers, and the jury following his acquittal, reports My San Antonio…


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