Trying to save just one life

When I check my WordPress stats, I’m re-introduced to some of my old posts that people visit, including this one:

“So I’m writing because I hope the Huffington Post, as a major news organization, will do something to help us. Don’t worry, I don’t expect a response — if I can’t get one from government agencies like the Medical Board and Department of Health in my state, I surely don’t expect to receive one from the Huffington Post. But I had to try, because maybe, just maybe, the right media coverage will save the life of one chronic pain patient. Maybe if pain patients see this coverage, they will begin to have hope. If our stories can be told, then maybe it will stop a pain patient from giving up and committing suicide.”

Of course, I never received a response from the Huffington Post. And since this organization’s coverage hasn’t changed one iota in the year since I sent this email, it appears my voice — and the voices of all pain patients — mean absolutely nothing to the media. I have to wonder why that’s the case, but it’s not like I have the answer. Our stories are not being told, but with my blog, at least our stories will remain forever on the internet.

“Like the story of a veteran in New Mexico who was denied renewal in the Medical Cannabis Program, and weeks later, committed suicide.”

And now I’m crying…

3 thoughts on “Trying to save just one life

  1. awwww fuck that sucks … fuck i hate those bastards that don’t listen! and my heart bleeds for the shitloads of peeps that have no way out except death!
    You keep doing your do … its way to important not too xoxo

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  2. =( I have a blog kicking around in my head about this….I just haven’t written it yet. I wear a “22” bracelet. In addition to the chronic pain community, I’ve been a part of the military community for a long time as well. #22needyou

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