Last night, we got some much-needed rain. And on my way to take out the trash (in the rain), I was visited by a double rainbow.


I guess I should’ve been concerned that the rain would hurt my precious (but cheap) camera, but you know, rainbows.

02DSC06827 (2)

03DSC06822.0 (2)

04DSC06822 (2)

04DSC06826 (2)

Looks like a rainbow highway, right?

05DSC06824 (2)

If I follow the rainbow highway, what will I find at the end?

06DSC06827.0 (2)

07DSC06845 (2)

Unfortunately (even though I’m part Irish), I didn’t find a pot of gold (or pot) at the end of this rainbow highway.

08DSC06823 (2)


And then the rainbow faded and was gone, like most things that can be described as beautiful. Goodbye Ms. Rainbow, hope to see you again soon. But next time, can you bring some weed with you?

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