10 thoughts on “Hello, Summer!

    • I was just thinking about how nice it is to have more than one season, which is what I was used to in Houston. Yes, it’s hot (and about to get hotter), but I know the fall and winter will be here soon enough. I can wait. 🙂

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  1. Hey sunshine!!!
    What is the name of the flower that looks like it is growing upside down?? if by chance you know the name …
    You hanging in there gurly gurl??
    You doing anything for a Sunday and a Monday ???

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    • Sorry, I don’t know the name of that flower, but it kinda looks like a snapdragon, right? I don’t know if I’m hanging in there or not. Holidays can be especially lonely, and I think I’m about to give up on my search for bud. So, I picked up some Dilly Bars today. Hopefully, they’ll be good company. 🙂

      Tell me about your weekend, Suzy Q.

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      • Yeah a lil..I don’t have a clue but it’s kool lol…Oh gurl I don’t want you to be lonely…You are a strong gurl you know that..But I get it..anything I can do??? Wished we lived closer lol..Is it getting dry out there with the smoke or just since a new area for you and you don’t know anyone???? Gurl you gonna make me cry …. : (
        Haven’t done much of anything and it has been nice lol..just relaxing since we had a lil busy week and this week I have 2 appt so I get run down easy at times so we have been watching and talking and making sure that dad is relaxing …yeah we are boring lolol…seee you not missing much….but you would still be invited here..always welcome here…You know we didn’t even BBQ lmao…
        What are you up too?? any luck since?? One day I am going to have to have one of those Dilly Bars..But for now I will go get me a cup of ice cream and brb….
        Extra special hugggggggs to ya gurl

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    • lol…we call it camphell here lol…
      I asked dad if he knew what type of flower that was since he has a green thumb and worked in a nursery but he has no idea either lol shitt outta luck…
      But I really came here to see how and what you been up toooo….awful quite gurly gurl….

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