Ya’ll be careful out there


The drugging most commonly occurred in someone’s home or apartment, followed by either at a fraternity or a bar. According to the survey, the most common drugs used were roofies, or Rohypnol, and Xanax. Typically, these drugs are undetectable to the naked eye and flavorless.

Often, the victim’s memory of the experience is wiped out. “I only had one drink and blacked out completely,” one female respondent said.

“When I woke up, I was naked next to someone I didn’t know,” she reported. “He was really rude when I woke up and left the house. I felt really strange, like I was in a dream just watching everything happen.”

8 thoughts on “Ya’ll be careful out there

  1. There are some really sick people out there.
    when I was in the throws of Bipolar, I lost time.
    There were not drugs involved that I know of, but frankly I don’t know.
    I was probably doing some on my own.
    I blamed myself, thinking that I blacked out.
    But I was like the girl who woke up to find a stranger with her.
    This happened more than once.
    I’ll never know how many men I’ve slept with.

    the thought that someone does that to someone else, just kills a little more of me. I never knew what was happening. sometimes I’d remember some later, but for the most part, it is a complete blank. I’d know I had sex. sometimes that’s all I knew.

    and i can’t believe I just told you all of that.
    this was a big trigger for me, as you can tell.

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