The Incredible Edible Poppy

Opium Made Easy by Michael Pollan

One gardener’s encounter with the war on drugs

And although I did not yet have direct knowledge that these poppies could be made into a narcotic tea, James Duke, a botanist I contacted at the United States Department of Agriculture, had told me that ordinary, garden-variety opium poppies did contain morphine and codeine, and that these alkaloids could easily and effectively be extracted from fresh or dried seedpods by infusing them in hot water – by making a tea. Duke, who has done extensive work on poppies and is something of a legend in botanical circles, further suggested that alcohol would make a better solvent for extracting alkaloids from poppies than water…


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30DSC05217 (4)

31DSC04462 (2)

You’ve been poppied. LOL. Now, go make some tea.