12 thoughts on “Never Surrender, For Sheldon

  1. AWWW gurl!!!
    You rock!!! how sweet and kind of you to do this for Sheldon…
    My heart goes out for him..all that pain and all that he is going through…
    I hoped we helped him out last night….
    again you have such a big heart and such a beautiful gurl inside and out I am happy to call you my friend…

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      • aww wouldn’t that be ok lmao lololol..Hey it has to be better than when I was sicker and you didn’t know when I was going to return …DAMN YOU YELLED AT ME SAYING SOMETHING TO THE EFFECT OF YEAH YOU WON’T BE BACK…. AND HERE I AM …HAHA NANANANANANAN : )
        I am trying to be on here more I need “me time” and I AM kind of fond of you my friend gurl..lol..You are usually funny and have very good information I always love your post and the flowers n pictures..your fun and a keeper lololl….
        How is your day going ?? or should I even ask?? lol

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        • Trying to corral my pain levels, and for today, I have some help from one very kind Bud Fairy. And what do you mean, I’m “usually” funny? You mean even in the depths of my despair, I’m not funny? Guess I’ll have to work on that. 🙂

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        • Aww gurl I wish that you could get some pain relief…Oh well puff the majic dragon gave you a visit that is a good thing maybe it will help…
          Gurl you are always funny you always make me laugh out loud love your sense of humor gurl you know that…lol even in the deep dark depths of despair gurl ..if you worked on being any more funny I would probably piss my pants more often than I do now days ; )

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  2. I love the pictures of the “lone souls” whiling away their hours. It’s sort of poetic, don’t cha think? We’re all on this journey alone, but, we have family and friends to bump into every now and again to help us retool our equipment. Thanks for sharing.

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