19 thoughts on “Sherbert

  1. Gurl!!!
    I was getting worried about you since I had not seen you around or your post..
    Love,LOVE,LOVE roses..LOVE all flowers for the most part…
    I have some pictures of flowers that I will post..
    Hugggggs n miss da gurl

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        • Damn I still need to try one of those….
          Oh yes that is a good feeling stomach full of ice cream oh yeah baby!!!!! lol
          thank God were not eating pickles together with the ice cream lol huh pickle lol

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        • My nickname isn’t Pickle, that’s Lisa’s nickname. I’m not sure I like pickles… But right now, I’m picturing them on top of a grilled cheeseburger, and it sounds pretty good. 🙂

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        • I just love my head injury when it gets the best of me like that..sorry gurl..lol
          Now that does sound good…. : )
          but while were speaking of pickles we bought the store brand pickles like normal and had dinner the other night and got them out and gurl no where on the label or anywhere does it say hot or spicy or anything but they were hot for my better half to eat lol.. they do have a hell of a kick to them…I wonder if they have the label wrong??

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        • lol…. not hard at all gurl …we had cucumbers last year in our garden…
          we were going to have another garden this year but at the time money was tight but then we have 2 people that one has a big garden since it’s 3 of them working it and the other person is him and his kids they both said they have more than enough planted so don’ have a garden this year lol so , so far so good… we have fresh lettuce and squash and and onions and shitt I believe that is it since last week lol…
          when dad and better half have a garden we help others out as well like we have in the past since we usually have a good size garden we all enjoy it very much dad used to work at a nursery and did lawn work and all that fun shitt so he has a very green thumb everyone loves his yard every home we lived in the yard was decked out lol…

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