What do I see? Take a walk with me…

Found these flowers at Walmart.

01DSC05544 (3)

02DSC05547 (5)

03DSC05548 (2)

04DSC05545 (9)

05DSC05547 (2)

06DSC05545 (7)

Also found at Walmart.


Look, it’s Faith with her new haircut! (Of Oscar Dandelion fame.)

08DSC05540 (2)

Look, it’s Lisa from El Paso! (Whose nickname is Pickle.)

09DSC05543 (2)

I need Dilly Bars.

10DSC03899 (2)

What happens when you drink too much caffeine.


Angry bug.

12DSC03130 (2)

Sure, try to mask the taste of cigars with blueberry flavorings. (Good luck with that.)

13DSC03888 (3)

After I took this picture, a lady walking by asked me what I was photographing. I said, a feather.


She said, that’s a good thing to photograph.

15DSC05324 (4)

My neighbors.

DSC04787 (2)

After this walk, do your feet hurt as much as mine did?