Nudity for chronic pain

If it works for PTSD, why not chronic pain? Best of all, it’s free!

Now, take off all your clothes and walk around your home. There, don’t you feel better?

Warning:  Cooking while nude is not recommended.

7 thoughts on “Nudity for chronic pain

  1. Yes please take painkills2 advice don’t cook nude …I wonder if she is saying that from experience lol…
    NO but if I could I would be nakkie all the time I hate clothes I love to sleep nakkie that is the best…..
    We should all just run around nakkie all the time…..someone once told me here in texas you can go topless if it doesn’t upset the people that you are around…hmmm may have to look into that and doing more of it..but first a boobie job…NOT!!!!!!!!!..
    I am playing catch up and wrote a post so I am behind but still thinking of my gurl..

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