I think I found the elusive snapdragon. (And if I’m wrong, I don’t want to hear it.)

01DSC05369 (2)

Anyway, it looks like popcorn to me. (From Leafly:  “popcorn buds, used to describe poorer quality cannabis harvested towards the bottom of the plant…” Some dispensaries sell popcorn buds at a cheaper price, although I’m sure they don’t use them for cannabis testing.)

Can you see the popcorn, coated with fresh, creamy butter? (Yes, there’s a strain called Popcorn Kush, and it’s supposed to taste like popcorn. But in my experience, bud tastes like… bud.)

02DSC05369 (3)

Dude, there’s a bug in my popcorn. (I miss popcorn.)

03DSC05368 (2)

Look, Chiclets! (I miss gum.)


It appears the buttered snapdragon is trying to communicate with me…


I give you the most recognized symbol in the world:

DSC05367 (2)

For you, Sir Derrick. LOL.

6 thoughts on “Buttered Snapdragon

  1. lol….
    I would love some popcorn tooo.. but no longer like you..
    My aunt would microwave her popcorn the one with extra butter then she would put on the stove a stick of butter and melt it and add the whole melted stick of butter to the already butter popcorn..yeah she died heart attack…………….way to much of a good thing..butter on top of butter a whole stick….I don’t think she had blood in her system I believe it to had been butter…

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