Even if it’s happened to you, you still don’t know how it feels

I’m very tired of chronic pain patients judging each other, rating their pain according to their medical condition, using the McGill Pain Scale to say their pain is the worst. Comparing their pain to other’s, as if that even makes sense.

Because, as the song says, you don’t know. Even if you also suffer from chronic pain, you still don’t know how I feel. No one knows all the roads other pain patients have traveled, or the depths of despair each person has experienced. Stop judging. I mean it.

Listen to Kesha’s voice. She’ll tell you. Every person’s pain and grief is different, even if some of it is the same.

Thank you, Kesha and Lady Gaga — you’re both very brave and awesome women.

Buttered Snapdragon

I think I found the elusive snapdragon. (And if I’m wrong, I don’t want to hear it.)

01DSC05369 (2)

Anyway, it looks like popcorn to me. (From Leafly:  “popcorn buds, used to describe poorer quality cannabis harvested towards the bottom of the plant…” Some dispensaries sell popcorn buds at a cheaper price, although I’m sure they don’t use them for cannabis testing.)

Can you see the popcorn, coated with fresh, creamy butter? (Yes, there’s a strain called Popcorn Kush, and it’s supposed to taste like popcorn. But in my experience, bud tastes like… bud.)

02DSC05369 (3)

Dude, there’s a bug in my popcorn. (I miss popcorn.)

03DSC05368 (2)

Look, Chiclets! (I miss gum.)


It appears the buttered snapdragon is trying to communicate with me…


I give you the most recognized symbol in the world:

DSC05367 (2)

For you, Sir Derrick. LOL.