7 thoughts on “Happy Mother’s Day, From Iris

      • awww man I was looking forward to some cherry pie..I guess I will just have to listen to the song hahaha
        yeah today was a pretty good day..my lupus eyes are acting up pretty bad at this point like seeing crystals in my eyes so I am missing some letters in the words lol..so I may have to stop for the night..but it happens in the day time too.. I was hoping it wouldn’t happen again but oh no it’s ugly head had to show up…at least the good part it’s night ..during the day I can’t write or do much when it acts up..I have an eye appointment but I will have to move it up sooner since it could or most likely be the one lupus medication that can make you go blind and the last eye dr told me I didn’t have to be back for 5 years and that was or is the case it is every year ..oooops..so a call tomorrow..for sure….wish me luck on changing my appointment gurl I need it…So yes well this weekend was all about me and my time..I played on here hahha..I didn’t do any bills or paper work nothing work wise ..It felt so good…This was the first time in shitt I can’t remember that I just spent time doing me..well not doing me lol but letting everything go and enjoy myself …speaking of food I need to start cooking again like I used too but my favorite time to cook it winter all the soups and things like that ..but I love to cook at anytime…but most cases you have to have a lot of food lol

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