These flowers look like snapdragons to me. And if they’re not, don’t tell me, because then I’ll have to change the name of this post.

01DSC05387 (5)

02DSC05387 (2)

03DSC05387 (3)

04DSC05372.0 (2)


06DSC05392 (2)

07DSC05392 (4)


09DSC05393 (3)

10DSC05393 (4)

11DSC05393 (2)

12DSC05373 (3)


14DSC05389 (3)


16DSC05387 (4)

17DSC05388 (4)

18DSC05388 (6)

19DSC05388 (8)

20DSC05387 (6)

Do you get the feeling this flower is sticking its tongue out at you? Or is it just me? LOL.

DSC05387 (7)

DSC05387 (8)

Snap your fingers today. Snap them to the beat. It’s good for you. (Don’t believe everything you read on the internet.)

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