Sometimes, you just have to treat yourself. LOL.


And sometimes, you have to use food to help relieve your pain. Because drug war.

03DSC05468 (4)

Have I mentioned lately how much I love the ranch dressing at Pelican’s Restaurant?


I could bathe in that stuff. LOL.


While I was waiting for my take-out, I noticed the only thing on the big-screen TVs was basketball. I asked my waitress, do you think if women ran the world, there would be something else on TV, like maybe Martha Stewart? And she’s like, maybe we could watch Ree Drummond? I love that show. And I said, that woman’s got a great accent. LOL.

05DSC05450 (2)

I sat through quite a few commercials — not really used to that, since I cut the cord. Tina Fey for American Express, and William H. Macy for something else. I’m not sure why advertisers think celebrities can sell their products — I guess it’s all about the audience they’re trying to reach, which obviously doesn’t include me. LOL.


Above the bar, a sign read:  “If you’re drinking to forget, please pay in advance.” LOL.

I have to admit, I’m enjoying my ranch dressing (even though they charged me for it this time). But it ain’t doing anything for my pain levels. Thankfully, I can report that I had a visit from the Bud Fairy. Unfortunately, my pain levels are pretty damn high… it will probably take awhile to bring them back down. Lots of art therapy on the way…

And it’s time for some chocolate. LOL.

(I always said that I wouldn’t use LOL. I mean, how often do I laugh out loud? Still, it’s better than having monster-sized emojies turn up in my emails. Like, Boo! I’m not saying that other people shouldn’t use emojies, I’m just saying that my head hurts and it’s irritating. Dear WordPress:  Can’t you fix this?)

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