Have you talked to your parents about marijuana?


The pro-legalization Campaign to Regulate Marijuana Like Alcohol (CRMLA) in Arizona erected a pair of Mother’s Day billboards in Phoenix and Tucson on Monday. The ads flip the classic “Have you talked to your children about drugs?” public service announcements by asking, “Have you talked to your parents about marijuana?”


On Wednesday, Oakland’s City Council voted unanimously to approve a measure expanding the number of cannabis dispensaries and related businesses operating in the city. The new law seeks to bring the existing black market under the city’s regulatory regime, covering everything from grow operations to retail sales.

It will allow adding up to eight new dispensary permits each year, and foresees up to 30 new cultivators, 12 delivery businesses, five distributors, five transporters, two testing facilities and 28 manufacturing businesses…

But there was some controversy around what Councilmamber Desley Brooks called her “Equity Amendment” to the measure, requiring half the new business licenses to be issued within six areas that have higher marijuana arrest rates—all in heavily African American East Oakland. Brooks posed the amendment as a step toward racial justice, telling NBC Bay Area: “When you look at cannabis industry across nation, it’s dominated by people who are white, and they make money. And the people who go to jail are black and brown. I wanted some parity. There needs to be equity in this industry.”

Some criticized the mandate that applicants live in the designated neighborhoods as an obstacle that could deter some of those it is intended to help…

I don’t know what the answer is to diversify the marijuana industry, but something has to be done. Access and affordability are very important, so location is therefore also important. Legalization would solve a lot of these problems.

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