01DSC00015 (3)

Do your tears ever fall
with nary a sob?


No sound to be heard
Suffering unregistered


No cry to be answered
The silence, so haggard


Squeezed out by pain
No evidence remains
Yet the tears keep falling

DSC08756 (10)

Like a silent rain

05DSC08684 (3)

5 thoughts on “Silent Rain

  1. Wow – you describe exactly what I feel sometimes. I’m not crying, but I can’t stop the tears sliding down my cheeks.

    When I’m like that I have to warn my hubby not to worry, I can’t help the tears, but I can’t even explain what’s causing them. I’m just weepy.

    Kinda like there’s no point in even getting upset about the pain anymore, but the buried grief pushes tears out of my eyes anyway.

    I’m continually amazed how such disparate people from different backgrounds have such similar thoughts and feelings. Until recently, I never felt part of any group, but now I feel solidarity with so many people suffering from chronic pain. My suffering isn’t unique at all.

    Pain: the great unifier.

    Must be a great poem if it makes me think so much 🙂

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